Who’s Ashlee Bergeron

Heyooo! I am so excited to know you have made it to my website! This means you are looking for fantastic portraits or maybe you just want to hang out with a super cool human. Look, I am with you. I want to hang out too! I absolutely love meeting new and fun people. I am excited about life, overly positive and believe that humans are good and LOVE is the answer. I am goofy and turn awkward moments into laughter, even if I am laughing alone. I love plants and projects. My favorite project at the moment is my 1960's home. I am a thrifter and love collecting glassware and mason jars to propagate my plants in. I love the full moon and rain water. I enjoy hearing other people's stories and creating photography that portrays who someone really is, tapping into your personality is key to great portraits.

I hope my brand speaks to you. I want to empower you, build your confidence and have all the fun in the world. I enjoy traveling for shoots and picking your brain for your unique quirks. I want to get to know you so that we can show off how SPECIAL and BEAUTIFUL you are. I promise to be your biggest hype woman and create fabulous imagery along the way.

Don't be a stranger, let's talk about your vision. I want to help you create magic. I get nothing greater out of life than serving and loving others, you are always welcome to email me or call me with questions.

Happy Day!